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Identify The Right Coaches

Even if you’re happy with the coaching resources currently at your disposal, it pays to keep one eye on external coaching talent. What if your best coach leaves? Feel confident that you can replace them swiftly. Identify skill shortages and areas that require immediate improvement.

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Discover how you can take the time to clearly define areas of responsibility and reduce the potential for staff conflict. Forge stronger bonds between your coaches, provide greater accountability over tasks and reap the benefits of a coaching setup working toward a common goal.

Set Clear Objectives

Support the career of your coaches with clear objectives and development goals. Learn how to allow your soccer coaches the opportunity to grow within their role. Find out how you can agree a clear, measurable set of objectives with each coach that aligns to their career goals.

With talented soccer coaches and staff retention in mind, The Coaching Manual created this free resource to provide DOCs with all the guidance they need for staff recruitment at their club.

The Director of Coaching: An Essential Guide to Staff Recruitment eBook answers all your questions about how to retain your best soccer coaches while managing staff turnover.

We made sure that, while DOCs face numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, we help make your life a little easier. Use this eBook to find the best coaches for your club and organisation.