With this free eBook, develop a highly effective and deeply ingrained playing philosophy

Bind Your Team Together

Create a central playing philosophy that brings your players, coaches and staff together. Your coaching philosophy will be the glue that binds together all other sporting decisions, from matchday formation to coaching recruitment.

Develop A Rigid System

Discover how you can baffle the opposition by encouraging creative freedom, or develop a rigid system in which everyone knows their role. Make your philosophy stand as much chance of succeeding by taking known soccer traditions into account.

Overcome Speedbumps

Your coaches might be entrenched in a radically different system or your players may lack the fundamental skills required to deliver your vision on the pitch. Learn how to master the challenges you are likely to face along the way.

With the most visible way to do develop a new playing philosophy in mind, The Coaching Manual created this free resource to provide DOCs with a template for their coaching staff and a set of expectations for their players.

Every Director of Coaching wants to mould the club in their image. The most visible - and some would say valuable - way to do this is through developing a new playing philosophy.

The Soccer Playing Philosophy: Ultimate Guide eBook lets you develop your sporting philosophy so that, whatever the skill set of your coaches, you can support them in bringing your philosophy to the training field.