With this free template, guide and inform your next coaching evaluation

General Performance

Help your soccer coaches move forward at pace and introduce progression to their coaching career. Detail their proudest achievements, identify what objectives they met and pinpoint where they fell short. With our knowledgeable insights, you can support your coaches and enhance their performance.


Gather the complete picture to help pre-plan an effective leadership evaluation structure for your coaches. Recognize their strengths and weaknesses as a leader, measure their development since your last review and distinguish the individuals who will lead your players and club to future success.

Problem Solving

Gather the necessary facts and information to help break down your coaches ability to analyse and solve problems; on and off the pitch. Understand how your soccer coaches address matters, seek clarification and find the right solutions to deliver the best results.

With development and progression in mind, The Coaching Manual created this template to equip DOCs with a tool that helps accelerate the transformation of their soccer coaches.

Faced with multiple challenges and pressures, you need to be able to help your soccer coaches inspire players, build positive playing environments and help unite their soccer teams into a successful, winning club.

The Coaching Performance & Evaluation Template allow you to build a detailed analysis of your soccer coaches so that you can help them improve their performance and progress their coaching careers.