With this free eBook, ensure that you have the most elite soccer coaches by your side

The Perfect Soccer Coach

Learn how to hire the perfect soccer coach that naturally fits within your club culture. Along the way, you will discover tips like how to build a strong network of close DOC contacts, that you trust, to help recommend the right coaches for the job.

The Do’s & Don’ts

Understand why coaching development is essential. We teach you why your coaching staff must develop their knowledge of soccer, assist in producing winning teams and facilitate a player’s enjoyment of the beautiful game.

Retain Their Talent

We aim to provide you with professional standard coaching content to improve the level of your coaches so that you can retain their services at your club. Our tools aid the development of your best coaches and help them get better; no matter what level they coach.

With the most elite soccer coaches in mind, The Coaching Manual created this free resource to provide DOCs with a guide to ensure that your elite soccer coaches help you win games and help bring success to your club.

The 4 Best Kept Secrets For Developing Elite Soccer Coaches eBook is an extensive palette of soccer information that helps you get the most out of your soccer coaches. Whether it is improving performance or developing their career, our eBook has all the answers.

When you’re inevitably measured on your ability as a DOC to deliver strong results and develop high-quality players, your coaches are the talented tacticians to help your teams succeed and reap the rewards.