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The Coaching Manual provides the technology platform to deliver your coaching strategy to its intended target at every level of the beautiful game.

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  • Team management
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All our features

Our premium plan offers the complete set of soccer coaching tools, including:

Access to hundreds of professional-standard coaching sessions, created and led by some of the world’s most experienced and talented coaches - including former Everton and Manchester United manager David Moyes.


The ability to plan individual training sessions, or build an entire customised Season Plan.


Session Planning tools that allow coaches to create diagrams, practices and full sessions.


Content-sharing capabilities to easily disseminate plans to individual coaches and players, or across a whole club.


Tools to help you define and implement your club's sporting philosophy.


Apps for both Android and iOS devices.


A choice of packages - from our entry-level FREE tool to our tailored club toolkit - to suit the needs of every coach, club, academy, or governing body.

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