The Coaching Manual welcomes one of the biggest clubs in Western Australia

The Coaching Manual

May 8th 2024

Written by The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual has partnered with UWA-Nedlands FC, one of the largest soccer clubs in Western Australia.

Based in the heart of Perth’s Western Suburbs, the club was formed from the merger of the UWA Soccer Club and Nedlands Football Club - it consists of more than 1,700 members and caters for players from ages 4 to 64 across 40 teams.

Mitch Doherty, Technical Director at UWA-Nedlands FC, said: "I am very pleased that we have invested in a partnership with The Coaching Manual. I first learned about TCM while coaching in the United States, several organizations including state associations had already invested in the platform, and I had an opportunity to see it in operation during my time coaching in Massachusetts."

Mitch has been working with UWANFC coaches since the start of 2024. His CV includes roles such as:

  • Australian national representative youth team assistant coach
  • Head of Manchester United FC’s West Australian talent, and identification program
  • Football West, OYSA (Oregon, USA) and MYSA (Massachusetts, USA) coach instructor
  • Head coach for Massachusetts Youth Soccer ODP (Olympic Development Program)
  • Director of Coaching, Strikers United Academy, and ABYS youth soccer club 
    Head coach for the Boston Breakers Women’s College team (WPSL)

He said: "It is very clear to me that we have a huge and varying mix of levels in our coaches, in regard to their depth of knowledge around the game of football, plus player development and parent engagement understanding. The challenge for me was to have educational tools and player development content available in an appropriate timeframe that could immediately help all the levels of our coaching needs."

The Coaching Manual will provide best-in-class tools and resources for UWANFC's 50 coaches, including 4,000+ pieces of professional training content, season planning tools, and curriculum-designing facilities.

Mitch said: "Quality of content and the ease of use at getting to the content, were high on my priority list along with the ability to separate content by age groups and ability, TCM delivered on all these requirements, the depth of resources and the ongoing addition to their resource library, would help build a foundation in coaching for even our most inexperienced volunteers."

As part of UWANFC's club package, coaches will also have access to unrivalled technical support for The Coaching Manual platform. This is in addition to the personalisation that TCM was able to offer for the content on the platform for the club.

Mitch said: "TCM's willingness and availability to work with us, to fine tune content and coaching tools appropriate to UWANFC coaches, made it an easy decision to partner with one of the world's largest repositories of coaching help available. But also - and significantly - access to real, experienced and professional (football) people at the end of a telephone line with help and support."

Chris Barton, TCM Founder, said: "We're really happy to be able to partner with one of the biggest clubs in Western Australia - UWA Nedlands have a great set-up and are a real asset to their community so supporting the education of their coaches and players is something to be proud of. We have partnered with a number of clubs in Australia and New Zealand, but there is potential for us to really boost the growth of grassroots football in that part of the world by providing access to proper education and structure, so we're keen to expand our network of partners there."

Mitch added: "One of the most appealing aspects of working with TCM is that we are not working to a rigid, fixed curriculum of sessions, we can and will adapt, fine tune and work together to meet our own specific needs, while having instant availability to their substantial and very detailed content library.  One of the key goals, for myself and the club, is to raise levels of education around the sport of football, both on and off the fields, for our staff, our coaches, our players and our parents and I believe entering into a partnership with TCM will help us to achieve that goal over time."

For more information about UWA-Nedlands FC, visit their website here.

If you would like to enquire about a TCM package for your club, fill out the form below:


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The Coaching Manual welcomes one of the biggest clubs in Western Australia

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