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Mar 27th 2020

Written by The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual was proud to host a special webinar with vastly-experienced coach René Meulensteen on Thursday, March 26th.

Former Manchester United first-team coach Rene  discussed his new exclusive session content on The Coaching Manual (available here) as well as his own coaching philosophies.

He said: “When The Coaching Manual contacted me asking if I would be interested in doing this webinar I immediately said yes.

“It’s a difficult time for all of us, it’s a difficult time for everybody involved in football. This is a great way for the football world to connect together.”

Feedback from the session, which was fully booked, has been very positive. One coach emailed us to say: “What I loved most about it was the reminder to implement/reinforce basic attention to detail, positive coaching, and fun.”

Another commented: “That was such a good webinar. The content and mythology of what he was trying to get across is perfect. I love what you are doing, and hope we can attract the younger generation to listen and learn."

We welcome any and all feedback from the webinar, as we plan to host many more similar events covering a wide range of topics, and your comments help us shape the content to make sure it is as valuable as possible to our audience.

Closing the webinar, Rene said: “Please do give your feedback to The Coaching Manual. Football is so diverse and there are so many topics we can talk about for an hour and I am more than happy to share my expertise and experience through more of these webinars.”

Get the webinar here.

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