"Our coaches cannot stop raving about The Coaching Manual" - Welcome on board, Houston Wolves!

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Apr 9th 2024

Written by The Coaching Manual

"As an independent club creating a new chapter in our club's history, we wanted to partner with the most advanced, cutting-edge coaching platform to help continue and grow our great coaching staff for our players."

We spoke to Adam Williams, Director of Coaching at Houston Wolves, about his club's new partnership with The Coaching Manual and what it means for their ambitious plans.

Located in and around Houston and the greater Houston, Texas region, Houston Wolves is proud to serve one of the USA's fastest-growing, vibrant soccer communities.

Adam said: "Our coaches have only just gained access to the platform, and they can not stop raving about it to us as a club and our parents. All of our coaching staff are using the platform, and our session variety and delivery are already changing massively in a very positive way. Our coaches are exploring the content and expanding their coaching knowledge. "

Our coaching staff is a diverse blend of ex-professional/semi-professional male and female players, seasoned US and internationally licensed youth coaches, and beginners venturing into the youth soccer environment. Hailing from various backgrounds and countries, our coaches bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, enriching our club with their unique perspectives.

Working with boys and girls from U4 to U16, the coaching team caters to a wide spectrum of players, from beginners taking their first steps onto the field to ECRL-level talents. 

Adam added: "Our goal as a club over the next few years is to support, and provide a great soccer experience for our growing community of enthusiastic soccer players, coaches, and families. We want to nurture a love for that game that comes through exciting, informative, and well-designed training and coaching."

Houston Wolves Soccer Club's formidable presence is bolstered by a strategic alliance with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and its prestigious Category One status Academy. The partnership provides invaluable resources, granting access to the esteemed Wolves Academy, enriching the player experience, and ensuring continuous growth.

For more information about Houston Wolves Soccer Club, their teams, and their projects, visit their website here.
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